The following facilities are available in the Open Access areas around the University. To find out where these facilities are located, click here.

Meeting pods

These meeting pods are a great place to work in groups in an enclosed space, with power for laptops under the table top.

Meeting pod

Powered seating

Sociable seating areas with power and network points. There are versions with higher backs for additional sound insulation!

Powered seating area

Laptop tables

Plenty of space to sit in the Library when using your own or one of the University laptops - as always, power is underneath.

Laptop table

Increased PC numbers

In recent times the PCs numbers in Portland Open Access suite and in the Library have increased significantly.

PCs in the library

Unpowered seating

There is comfortable furniture that allows you to relax with a book or laptop.

Orange sofa


These cool, iPhone shaped self help kiosks can answer many questions in the local vicinity - including the Library catalogue!


Network scanners

These A4 network scanners can scan directly to your memory stick or to an email address without needing to log into a PC!

Two network scanners

Print stations

Use your campus card to swipe against the card reader to release your prints where or whenever you fancy!

A group of printers

4 and 6 seater American Diners

Comfortable, semi-enclosed seating with table and large Windows 8 touchscreen PC. You can use use the VGA cable provided to plug your laptop in and there are power and network ports under the screen.

American diners

Ideas walls

Plug in your laptop here to display your ideas on the large screen. HDMI or VGA connections available and power under the desk. There is one on the first floor and another on the second floor, in the bookable meetings rooms.

Idea wall

Round glass pods

These glass pods allow very little noise to pass through. In addition to the power points they have adjustable lighting and air circulation fan!

Round glass pod

Laptop lockers

Self service laptop lockers mean you can borrow a high spec laptop and sit wherever you fancy.
There are 350 in the Library, 60 in Portland, 20 in Richmond, 30 in Anglesea and 40 in Park.

Each laptop is charged whilst in the locker but also comes with a charger if you need to use it for a while.

Laptop lockers

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