These instructions detail how to connect to the University VPN and have been tested on a Windows 10 machine. They show how to connect to the University VPN when off campus.

Install VPN

  1. Open a web browser and go to the link.
  2. Login with your university username and password, e.g. bloggsj or up874068. GlobalProtect VPN login window
  3. Select the appropriate download for your operating system
    (How can I tell if my computer is running a 32-bit or a 64-bit version of Windows?) GlobalProtect download links
  4. Once the file has downloaded run the program to install the software accepting all default settings.

Use VPN for the first time

  1. Open the program from the Start menu: Start Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect
  2. In the Portal field enter and click Connect Portal field populated
  3. Enter your university username and password and choose Connect Credential field populated
  4. You will see the following confirmation. Connected
  5. The GlobalProtect icon will be displayed in the notification area of the system tray. While you are connected to the VPN the icon will show in colour as a globe and shield. VPN system tray

Disconnect from VPN

  1. To disconnect from the VPN, click the globe icon in the System Tray or the System Notification area and then click Disconnect.
  2. When you are disconnected the GlobalProtect icon will be grey. Disconnected

Reconnect to VPN

  1. To reconnect to the VPN, click the Global Protect icon in the System Tray and then click Connect VPN system tray

If after following these instructions you still cannot connect to the VPN please contact IT support.

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