The University offers a free subscription to Microsoft Office 365. The subscription allows you to download the desktop version of Office on up to 5 PCs or Macs. You can also access the web-based version of Office and use the mobile versions for phone or tablet. The subscription can be renewed for free on a 4 yearly basis providing you are a current University student or staff member. When your subscription expires your files will be unaffected, but your Office programs will lose editing capabilities until a new license is applied.

Microsoft Office 365 for Free

To download Microsoft Office you must get an Office 365 account. To do so please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Office 365 WebStore
  2. Log in with your University username and password
  3. Select Office 365 ProPlus
    Office 365 Plus icon
  4. Select Add to cart
  5. Select Check Out
  6. At this point your new account will be generated and you will see your Office 365 user name and your temporary password (which must be changed when you first login).
    Office 365 order information page
  7. You have completed the initial setup of your Office 365 account. To install Office 365 on your device click Get Office 365 to go to the Office 365 portal page
  8. After you have logged in click the Install Office button on the top right corner to download the Office installation file.
  9. Run the file.
  10. After you have installed Office 365 you will have to sign into any one of the Office applications (Word, Excel or PowerPoint) with the username and password you used to log into the Office portal e.g. to activate the suite.


Students in a STEM department (Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths) will have access to additional software including Microsoft, VMWare and IBM products. If you are in these departments you will see additional tabs under the search bar. Add them to the cart and check out, as above, to obtain them.

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

Additional resources are available for STEM students via Microsoft Azure. For more information, please follow this link

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