This article contains information for University staff only.

The K drive is a place to store documents that you would like to share. Different areas are accessible to different groups of people.

Please contact Service Desk, if you are:

  • not sure where to save your files
  • concerned about who has access to a particular area
  • wanting any advice on using the K drive

Please note the preferred storage for shared documents is Google Drive.

For Corporate shared documents. use the Electronic Records Management System (eRecords).

Any files that only you need access to should be stored on your N drive. The K drive is only for files that need to be shared.

Previous versions of files stored on the K drive can be accessed in the same way as described here for the N drive.

For further guidance on storing your work, please see here.

The K drive from anywhere

You can access the K drive wherever you are (on or off campus) by choosing the appropriate article below:

The K drive on a PC

To access the K drive on a PC, select 'This PC' on the desktop.

Request K drive rights

To request rights to the K drive, please complete the 'K Drive Access' Self Service request. The K drive request form should be completed by the applicant and subsequently authorised by a line manager.

For further help and assistance, please contact the IS Service Desk:

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