This article contains information for University staff only.

Information Services can supply a mobile device for use on University business.

All associated costs are charged to the requesting faculty or department cost code.

We recommend a range of mobiles and can also provide a Sim Card for use in a device you already have.

We currently recommend the One Plus 6T and Motorola Moto E5 play.

OnePlus 6T


Mirror Black

Device Only: £435 ex VAT

New Standard Contract / Upgrade Price: £335 ex VAT

Motorola Moto E5 Play



Device Only: £70 ex VAT

New Standard Contract / Upgrade Price: FREE


Q:Who can have a University Mobile device?

A: Any University employee with management and budget approval.

Q: How do I apply for a University Phone?

A: Mobile Phones can be requested via the IS Self Service form here.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: This depends on the device, which would be an outright cost as above, followed by a typically 24 month tariff of £10 + vat per month.

Q: What devices are available?

A: Please find the recommended devices above. If there is a specific device you require that isn’t shown below, please contact us for details, but note this will require a business case.

Q: What's included in the tariff?

A: The new basic tariff includes unlimited calls and texts and 1GB of 4G data. With some limitations such as premium numbers and international calls being excluded. Note: if you have an existing contract you may not be on this tariff.

Q: Can I use this abroad or to make international calls?

A: Yes you can, but the costs vary and are often high as this usage is not inclusive. Additional charges are passed back to your department with a report. We recommend keeping usage to a minimum and turning data off completely when abroad. Please see o2's prices here

Q: What happens if I go outside my inclusive minutes, texts and data?

A: Additional charges are passed back to your department with a report.

Q: What happens if my device breaks?

A: The warranty on the devices is typically 1 year. This covers device faults but not accidental damage. If your device is out of warranty or has been accidentally damaged, we may be able to get a quote to have it fixed at your department's expense.

Q: Is there someone we can talk to about devices?

A: Please contact your IS Service Delivery Manager or the IS Service Desk.

Q: What if I need any accessories?

A: No additional accessories are automatically provided. Further accessories should be purchased via your faculty or department.

Q: What if I no longer need the phone?

A: Phone contracts can be requested for termination via the IS Service Desk. Please be aware that this may incur a fee payable by your faculty or department.

Q: What if i want a new phone but my contract isn’t due for renewal?

A: Your Manager can authorise an early replacement. Your faculty or department will have to fund the full price of the new phone. This does not affect the current tariff or number.

Q: Can I apply my own mobile number to a University phone.

A: This can be done once you have received the new phone and number. Please let the IS Service Desk know your request so that we can arrange.

Q: Can I install any applications (Apps) on the device?

A: As with a personal device you will have access to an apps store on your device (iTunes or Google Play). IS do not fund any applications you wish to purchase. Please speak to your faculty or department if you require any paid apps.

Q: Can I keep my University phone if I get a new one?

A: All devices no longer required must to be returned to IS. This is to comply with strict disposal procedures for assets and data holding devices.

Q: Can I borrow a University Mobile?

A: We are unable to loan mobile phones. Please speak to your faculty or department to enquire about any loan devices they may have.

Staff should be aware that upon terminating employment at the University of Portsmouth, access and data related to apps and services on their UoP Google Apps account may be removed. Additionally it is the employee's responsibility to return all devices to IS.

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