This article will provide important information on the support available while you are on placement.

Students starting a work placement (sandwich) year in academic year 2019/20:

Tuition fees for Home (UK) students on a placement year in 2019/20 are £925, and you can still apply for a tuition fee loan to cover these.

Students from England can also still apply for a reduced rate maintenance loan of £2,709 (unless you will be living in the family home, in which case you can apply for £2,031). This loan is non income-assessed. Payments will still be made in three instalments as in previous years.

In some cases if your placement is unpaid and you will be working for a government service in the UK (e.g. the prison service or a local authority), then it may be possible for you to still receive the full maintenance loan. Please check your eligibility with Student Finance England.

Social Work, NHS and PGCE students on placement receive the same financial support as they do while attending University.


Overseas placements:

If you will be travelling abroad for your placement the support you can apply for depends on whether you will be working or studying.

If you are working overseas as an alternative to a UK based work placement you can only apply for the same support as if you were working here, as described above.

If you are studying abroad as part of your course you will need to be registered with and attending a university overseas to receive full support, which can include a maintenance loan of up to £10,402, a maintenance grant (based on household income and for pre 2016 starters only) and possibly assistance towards overseas travel costs.


Hardship fund support while on placement:

Students undertaking a placement year are still eligible to apply for hardship funds as long as they have applied for the maximum maintenance loan they are entitled to.


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