This article explains about payment for halls of residence fees.

For information on how much the fees are please see this article.

University of Portsmouth - managed halls of residence buildings

  • Rees, Bateson and Harry Law

Payment can be made online, by Direct Debit, automatic recurring card payment, or in person at the cash desk in University House.

You will pay the hall fees on the due dates for the duration of the entire occupancy period as specified on your Allocation Notice.

You can pay your accommodation fees either monthly or termly, by a direct debit or a recurring card payment. If you choose to pay by direct debit, the annual fee will be divided into eight equal instalments and payment will be taken on the first day of each month, from September to June.

For instructions on how to pay please see this article.

Third party provider halls of residence

  • Unite Student halls: Chaucer House, Trafalgar, James Watson, Margaret Rule, Greetham Street
  • The Student Housing Company: Catherine House

The University of Portsmouth is processing applications for Unite Students’ and The Student Housing Company’s buildings.

All contractual and cancellation obligations for students allocated to these halls will directly be with Unite Students or The Student Housing Company.

If you are successfully allocated in either Chaucer House, Greetham Street Hall, James Watson Hall, Margaret Rule Hall or Trafalgar Hall, Unite Students will be sending information on the room offer, advanced rent and contractual obligations (including how to pay hall fees), how to secure the booking and other relevant details.

If successfully allocated to Catherine House Hall, The Student Housing Company will be responsible for its administration.

All your contractual obligations will be with either Unite Students or The Student Housing Company. Any queries you may have during your stay in halls, including hall fee payments, need to be made directly to your appropriate hall management team.


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