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This article explains what the Institution-Wide Language Programme (IWLP) entails.

The Institution-wide Language Programme (IWLP) is a unit designed to give students the opportunity to study a foreign language alongside their degree course.

Do all courses allow you to complete an IWLP?

Many of the courses that the University offer allow students to complete this unit as part of their degree.

Can I gain credits for this unit?

Yes, if IWLP is a credit option at level 5 on your degree programme. If you take an IWLP course at Grade 3 or above as one of your level 5 options, you will gain 20 credits and the numerical mark obtained will count towards your degree classification.

If you take a Grade 1 or Grade 2 IWLP course as one of your level 5 options, you will gain 20 credits, but the numerical mark you obtain will not count towards your degree classification.

Is this unit free?

This unit is free to all University students.

What can I gain from completing an IWLP?

The IWLP is so much more than just learning a new language. The unit will not only help you to expand your career prospects, but it will also prepare you for a year abroad with the University's Erasmus scheme, should you wish to continue your foreign studies.


You will have access to the same facilities as specialist language students, including state of the art multimedia language laboratories.

We have developed online learning materials to support your individual work. You can also use the learning materials in the Learning Resources Centre in Park Building.

Further Information

If you have any further enquiries about the IWLP, please contact the IWLP office at

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