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This article explains the options for completing an Institution-wide Language Programme (IWLP) at level 5.


Do I have to study an IWLP at level 4 in order to study it at level 5?

Yes, you do. If you have studied an IWLP for interest at level 4, then you can continue to study it for credit at level 5, providing there are enough spaces left in existing timetabled classes.

Can anyone study an IWLP?

The IWLP is available to students in level 4 for interest. At level 5 you can study for credit provided this is an option on your degree programme and if you have successfully studied IWLP at a lower grade at level 4 for interest. If you are a level 6 direct entry student you can study IWLP for interest provided there is space in existing timetabled classes

Can the IWLP count towards my degree classification?

It depends on your degree. Most courses will provide the opportunity to study IWLP  for credit at level 5. For more information on eligibility for these courses, contact the IWLP office: . If you take an IWLP course at Grade 3 or above as one of your level 5 options, you will gain 20 credits and the numerical mark obtained will count towards your degree classification. If you take a Grade 1 or Grade 2 IWLP course as one of your level 5 options, you will gain 20 credits, but the numerical mark you obtain will not count towards your degree classification. If you take IWLP courses for interest (as an option in addition to your 120 credits) at levels other than 5, you will not gain credits or marks towards your degree classification.

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