This article gives you information about deposits paid for your halls of residence room.

What is a deposit?

  • If you have a room in any of the university-allocated halls of residence, before the start of the contract, you would have paid a £250 deposit to secure the room.
  • This deposit will then become a damage deposit once you have moved into your room.
  • Please note that the £250 deposit is paid in addition to the termly hall fee and will be due before you receive the keys to your accommodation.

University of Portsmouth-managed halls of residence deposits

  • The deposit was paid to the Finance Department by the date specified on your Allocation Notice. If the payment of £250 deposit was not made by the due date, Student Housing reserved the right to cancel the offer.
  • University deposit payments could be made online.
  • The £250 deposit will be held by the University for the duration of your accommodation agreement as a deposit for damages.
  • The damages deposit will be refunded to you at the end of your accommodation period provided there is no damage and you do not owe the University any other sums.
  • The deposit may be offset against any costs incurred and losses sustained as a result of your breach of your accommodation agreement such as: unpaid halls fees and damage in your room or communal areas, caused by you or your guests.
  • If there is damage, the cost of repairing the damage will be deducted from this £250 deposit.
  • You agree that any damage to the room or the general hall environment caused by you or your guests will be deducted from the deposit, as agreed between you and the halls manager.

Unite halls (Chaucer House, Greetham Street, James Watson, Margaret Rule or Trafalgar halls) advanced rent

  • The advanced rent £250 for Unite Students-managed Halls of Residence which will be taken from the payment of your first month's rent. 
  • Once you accepted your offer of accommodation in a Unite Students building, Unite Students will contact you to complete the booking and at that stage, you will have been asked to pay the advanced rent.
  • For more information on Unite payments, please see the Unite website.

The Student Housing Company hall (Catherine House) deposit

  • The deposit is the same amount as the University halls (£250).
  • Once you accepted your offer of accommodation in a TSHC hall, TSHC  will contact you to complete the booking and at that stage, you will have been asked to pay the deposit.

For more information on Unite deposits, please see the TSHC website.

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